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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sherwood Park

Have your wisdom teeth grown in? Were you recently told you needed dental surgery? Are you worried about this upcoming procedure? As your source for wisdom teeth extraction in Sherwood Park, when you choose Park Mall Dental Centre you have no need to worry about dental surgeries.

There are many reasons you might require surgical dentistry and we do our best to assess your oral health issues to know what treatment is right for you. The general dentists at Park Mall Dental Centre offer surgical dentistry services including apicoectomy and wisdom teeth extraction in Sherwood Park. Wisdom teeth extraction is a common dental procedure while an apicoectomy is required as an alternative to root canal therapy. Book your appointment with Park Mall Dental Centre in Sherwood Park to learn more.

What Does a Dental Surgeon Do?

A dental surgeon is a dentist who specializes in advanced dental procedures. These procedures can range from extracting wisdom teeth to removing part of your bone structure. Your dental surgeon in Sherwood Park will often take X-rays to determine whether surgery is necessary. Before a dental surgery at Park Mall Dental Centre, your dental surgeon will administer the necessary anesthesia, such as a local anesthetic, to reduce anxiety and pain. After a procedure such as wisdom teeth extraction, your dental surgeon will provide you with directions for proper healing. We take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and comfort before, during, and after the surgery.

What Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth extraction is the removal of the third molars, which are more commonly referred to as “wisdom teeth.” Your wisdom teeth are your last set of teeth to develop and they may come in irregularly. This irregular growth can cause pain, create infection, harm surrounding teeth, and even trigger tooth decay. If your wisdom teeth fail to fully emerge through your gums they are considered “impacted” and must be surgically removed.

During routine wisdom teeth extractions, local anesthesia is administered. The dentist then loosens and removes the wisdom tooth or teeth. To remove your wisdom teeth your dentist will open the gum tissue over your teeth and remove any bone covering them. Then your dentist will remove the tooth. You may need stitches afterwards to help your mouth heal, and a gauze pad will be placed over them to help stop bleeding.

Recovery from wisdom teeth extraction should only take a few days. You can take painkillers prescribed by your dentist to help reduce pain, and be sure to relax for the rest of the day after your surgery.

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What Is an Apicoectomy?

When a root canal procedure is unsuccessful, whether in removing the infected tissue or in being followed by a new infection, an apicoectomy may be performed. This surgical dentistry procedure involves removing the infected tissue along with the tip or end of the root of the tooth. Get in touch with our dental team to learn more about apicoectomy or to set up a consultation.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tips before Anesthesia

Dental surgery procedures require anesthesia to reduce pain and anxiety. Before your surgery you should talk to your dental surgeon about the type of anesthesia that will be used and any procedures to follow beforehand. Common tips before anesthesia include:

  • Do not eat anything for at least 8 hours prior to surgery
  • Bring an adult who will drive you home after your surgery and will monitor you at home
  • Wear short sleeved shirts and new jewellery
  • Discuss with your dental surgeon any medications you take before your surgery
  • Call your dentist’s office if you develop a cold within the week before your surgery

General Tips for after Surgery

After you get a dental surgery you may feel groggy and disoriented. These are common feelings for after anesthesia. After you have a wisdom teeth extraction in Sherwood Park, gauze pads will be placed over the spaces where your wisdom teeth once were. After your dental surgery it is essential that you:

  • Maintain firm pressure on gauze pads for 30 minutes
  • Rest at home that day and keep talking to a minimum
  • Use cold packs the rest of the day, even without swelling
  • Do not spit, use straws, or brush your teeth that day
  • Do not smoke after surgery
  • Take medication for pain before the anesthesia wears off

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